Brother Camillus Denis O'Connor born 1916 entered Roscrea 1931 to Nunraw 1946 returned to Roscrea 1977 died 12th December 1993 Br Camillus O'Connor died at Roscrea 12th December 1993 Br Camillus O'Connor was born into a family of four boys and four girls in Nenagh a large market town about twenty miles from Roscrea Abbey, in the year 1916. The young Denis O'Connor went to the school in Nenagh and entered Mount St Joseph Abbey in the year 1931. He was duly professed and worked in the garden and in the wardrobe. Later he helped in the souvenir shop. In 1946 Mount St Joseph made its first foundation. This was at Nunraw in Scotland and Br Camillus went with the first group of founders. For some time he worked on the farm and then came the building of the new monastery. He worked on the building of the Abbey until its completion and then was appointed to the Guesthouse in Nunraw. Here he made friends with whom he remained in contact after his return to Ireland. In 1977 Br Camillus returned to Ireland and spent the rest of his time in Roscrea. About a year or so before he died he fell in the cloister and broke his hip. Although this was surgically repaired he never fully recovered and afterwards walked only with difficulty. Gradually his health deteriorated, but he retained his interest in everything and while in hospital constantly asked about the community and its doings. In the presence of the abbot and some of the monks, and with his two religious sisters and two of his brothers present, he died peacefully on Sunday December 12th.