Cistercian Monks in East Lothian


Summer 2022 was a sad time at Nunraw when no fewer than three monks died: Fr Thomas died on July 30th while Brother Philip and Dom Raymond both died on August 12th. The three funerals were attended by large congregations of family and friends. The Funeral of Dom Donald McGlynn on September 4th 2020, at which Archbishop Cushley joined the Community and a congregation of four during Covid, to mark the final rites of the former Abbot, in office from 1969- 2004, seemed a good time to re- present on the internet, the true heritage of the Abbey, founded from Roscrea in 1946: that heritage is the lives and witness of the members of the monastic community who have lived and died there. Dom Donald had meticulously collected the obituaries, chronicles and sermons for the monks, a tradition upheld by his successors, Abbot Raymond and Abbot Mark. These documents can be found in the Necrology.

Sancta Maria Abbey, Nunraw